Students Editing & Proofreading Services in Karachi Across All Academic Areas

Imagine, you have spent sleepless nights for your assignment and left no stone unturned to make it perfect and when you are finally done with your assignment, you are anticipating to score great marks. And then you get your result, and it comes as a shock to you because you have never imagined those marks and the worst thing is that all of your marks are deducted just because of your silly mistakes. How will you feel? You will curse yourself for sure! But actually it is not your fault, as it is very difficult to figure your mistakes in your own work because nobody is good at judging their work. Here comes the necessity of a person who can easily detect your mistakes and make your work error free, a Proofreader., is offering its services in proofreading. Our proof reading service will provide professional proofreading to all your documents, whether it is Essay Proofreading, Thesis Proofreading, Dissertation Proofreading, PhD Proofreading, Article Proofreading, Journal Proofreading or any other document you want to proofread.

Dissertation Proofreading

Our professional proofreaders will proofread your dissertation thoroughly to make sure that your dissertation is free of errors, so when you submit your dissertation it will not have any spellings, punctuation or grammar mistakes. Our proofreader will review your formatting and will also ensure that your references and bibliography are correct and also they are of the same style which is assigned by your professor.


Things We Check To Make Your Writing Flawless

  • Spellings: Our proofreading team checks each and every word very keenly and eliminates all the spelling mistakes and also rephrases sentences, if needed, to make it more appropriate.
  • Typographical errors: When we are typing continuously, there is a great chance of typing error which is unintentionally done by you. We correct all those obscure typing errors.
  • Punctuations: Incorrect placement of the comma can change the meaning of the whole sentence. Our proofreaders quite efficiently check all the punctuations and removes unnecessary punctuation marks to make your writing clear.
  • Proofreading Gives an Extra Touch to Your Write-Up

    Simple punctuation error can cost you much or can even ruin your whole write-up, so why take risks and submit your write-up with mistakes even if it is a single mistake. It’s not just the content that makes your write-up worthy its all the small things which makes your write-up outshine. Allow proofreading service to give your write-up an extra touch and make your write-up prominent from others.